About Us

Maharakeke, meaning “stream of flax”, is the name of our Balfour property in rural Southland. Maharakeke is the birthplace of my husband in Central Hawkes Bay and our lifestyle block is named in memory of his late parents, Joan and Russell Donaldson. Maharakeke is not just our home, but also the birthplace of our exciting new mushroom farming venture.

Our journey began with a simple grow kit, and we quickly fell in love with the process of cultivating mushrooms. We were amazed to discover the unique and delicious native mushroom varieties of New Zealand, which are only just starting to emerge in the marketplace. Growing these native mushrooms has been especially appealing, as they are more resilient to our local growing conditions and in line with the increasing demand for locally sourced fresh produce.

Sustainability is a top priority for us, and we are constantly exploring new ways to improve our practices. We are proud to use biodegradable packaging, and our straw substrate and grain are supplied by a local Balfour farmer. We never use chemical sprays in our mushroom growing process, and our spawn is sourced from the reputable company www.mycologic.nz.

Currently, we offer Pleurotus pulmonarius oyster mushrooms, and our hope is to bring you even more incredible varieties of New Zealand-grown mushrooms in the future. Join us on our journey and enjoy the delicious, sustainable, and truly local flavours of Maharakeke Mushrooms.